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Dental implants are a leading solution to broken, missing, or decayed teeth, and can fully transform your smile. A great way to gauge the results from this procedure is to learn about the process and how the implants function. 

Let’s take a look at the dental implant process, and how patients go from hiding their smile to loving the results with low cost dental implants near me.

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Results From Dental Implants

The Dental Implant Procedure


The first step in receiving dental implants is an initial evaluation with your dentist. When you visit Marino/Nassif, our team will evaluate your overall health and determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants. This will include a CT scan of your mouth, photographs, and dental molds. Generally, if you are in overall good health, you will be eligible for this procedure. However, if you are a smoker, your dentist will advise you to quit prior to and after the procedure to ensure a safe healing process. If there are other conflicts, you may be asked to take a special antibiotic to ensure you are as safe as possible. This initial consultation will take about one hour, and gives you a chance to talk about the surgery and about tooth implant cost near me. 

Before your procedure, you may want to understand more about the dental technology used. Marino/Nassif uses Thommen dental implants for all of our implant surgeries. Thommen is a leading manufacturer of dental technology, and uses cutting-edge methods to ensure precise, accurate implants.

Extraction And Surgery

During your next appointment, you will undergo surgery with an oral surgeon and a restorative dentist. When you choose the offices of Marino/Nassif, you’ll receive low cost dental implants near me that transform your smile. 

During this appointment, you may have teeth removed prior to placement of implants. After extraction, your implants will be placed and you will have a new set of teeth permanently attached to the implants. There are two ways dental implants can be inserted: one way is into your jawbone, and the other goes directly under the gumline. If the implants are inserted into your jawbone, you may need additional bone added to ensure your jaw is strong enough, though this is not always the case.

The Dental Implant Procedure
Low Cost Dental Implants Near Me


Do not panic if this procedure sounds difficult. By discussing the surgery with a professional, you’ll have all of the information you need about the process, and you’ll know the tooth implant cost near me. Although implants are an upfront investment, with proper care, they will pay back in full with a beautiful smile.

After your procedure, block off time to rest and relax and let your body heal. After a week, you will visit the offices of Marino/Nassif again to evaluate your healing process and continue forward. And, not to mention, you’ll have a brand new smile!

Tooth Implant Cost Near Me | Implants Before And After

As you can see, the patient to the right had decaying teeth prior to the surgery. Afterwards, this patient had a strong and straight smile that will last for years.

Just because Marino/Nassif offers low cost dental implants near me, doesn’t mean we sacrifice any quality. We understand that you need a solution that lasts. If you have broken, missing, or decaying teeth, it can impact almost every part of your day. Eating, drinking, smiling, chewing gum, and other tasks can be painful or embarrassing if you are not satisfied with your current smile.

With proper care and maintenance, your dental implants can last two decades or more. Although it is an investment, this procedure is proven to last, and can give you a happy and healthy smile for years.

dental implants before and afterdental implants before and after

Receiving Dental Implants at Marino/Nassif

When you choose Marino/Nassif for low cost dental implants near me, there are a range of payment and procedure options available. We offer single dental implants, secure upper and lower dentures, and our 4-Ever Smile option. The 4-Ever smile option is a full mouth replacement that uses 4-6 implants to transform your teeth. You can see the results of this one day procedure simply by viewing pictures of dental implants. 

Our offices accept most preferred provider organization (PPO) insurances, as well as certain government insurance plans. We also accept CareCredit, the nation’s leading patient payment program. Our offices even have an exclusive dental discount program, DentalDirect. Enrolled patients can receive 15-55% off of all of our services with no monthly premium and no yearly maximum. If you’re curious about tooth implant cost near me, talk to our team.

Our dentists, staff, and surgeons prioritize patient comfort and safety, and we are here to answer any questions you have. When you’re ready for a smile transformation, contact us today.

Hear from a patient at Dr. Marino & Associates about her experience receiving dental implants: 

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