Secure Lower Dentures

Secure Lower Dentures

Some patients may have a full lower denture that restores an attractive smile and provides needed support for normal facial contours. Many times a lower denture, because of its horseshoe shape and the space needed for our tongue, can be very difficult to keep in place. Additional struggles are talking, chewing food, and maintaining one’s self confidence. Our award winning dentist can add just two dental implants to secure an existing denture for just $2160* A patient can achieve added stability for the denture that feels like your real teeth.

The first step in deciding whether implants are a good option for you is to schedule a complimentary implant consultation with one of our trained dentists in the placement and restoration of dental implants. Candidates need healthy gums and bone tissue for the dental implants to be secured to the jawbone. Our dentists can verify that you have no health conditions that would limit your ability to receive the implants. The majority of people are candidates for dental implants.

Your initial assessment will include a full dental exam, including documentation of your medical and dental histories, X-rays and perhaps a CT scan to ensure that there is adequate bone density, as well as an evaluation of the shape of your jaw.

If you have an ill-fitting lower denture, consider implants today. In most cases your existing denture can be modified to be used with your two new dental implants. You will likely feel more comfortable, have restored self confidence and find that they are very easy to maintain.

*exclusions apply

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I went into the implant procedure with a bit of fear of not knowing what to expect but had no pain at all. It’s the greatest thing I ever did for myself. I can eat anything hot or cold and feel no pain. These implants are better than my real teeth!

Don F.

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