Relieving Pain After an Emergency Dental Extraction

Relieving Pain After an Emergency Dental Extraction

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Waiting around to feel better after an emergency dental extraction can be inconvenient and uncomfortable, without a doubt. However, you can speed up the healing process and get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible when you set aside some time for rest and be gentle on your teeth and gums. See the list below for some ways to ease pain and discomfort following an emergency dental extraction.

  • Use Ice Packs to Relieve Oral and Facial Swelling
    • Keep a pack on 20 minutes and leave it off for 20 minutes to avoid skin irritation.
    • Keeping a towel or cloth around an ice pack will also help to prevent irritation of the skin.
  • Stick to Eating Soft Foods
    • Particles from hard or crunchy foods can lodge in sockets and cause irritation.
    • Eating soft foods during the healing process can also help you minimize pain.
  • Be Consistent With Taking Any Prescriptions.
    • If your dentist prescribes any antibiotics, take the full course.
    • Taking probiotics with your antibiotics can improve the absorption of the medication to increase the effectiveness
    • Patients taking certain painkillers should not drive, operate heavy machinery or drink alcohol.
    • Try to eat a little something before taking pain meds to avoid stomach upset. A few crackers or applesauce are good options
  • Take Care to Avoid Dry Socket.
    • Dry socket is the failed blood clot formation or the dislodging of a blood clot after an extraction and the resulting exposure of bone and nerve endings.
    • Do not drink any beverages with a straw
    • Do not rinse your mouth quickly or vigorously
    • Avoid smoking immediately after the extraction. The action of inhaling can dislodge the clot

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