Treating Bad Breath by Taking Action

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What is Bad Breath?

Bad breath refers to lasting unpleasant smell in exhaled breath. The condition can be both embarrassing and stressful. However, when you take a proactive approach, you can eliminate bad breath and the frustration that comes with it. When the condition persists for a significant amount of time, the keys to solving the problem are maintaining consistent communication with your dentist and practicing consistent oral hygiene habits at home.  

What Causes Bad Breath? 

A diverse range of lifestyle and other factors can contribute to the development of bad breath. For example, smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products can leave someone vulnerable to bad breath, in addition to gum disease and oral cancer. Certain foods can be bad breath causes, like garlic or onions, also cause their own odors, which tend to stick around even after eating. 

Inconsistent brushing and flossing can allow bacteria to stay in the mouth and cause bad breath. In fact, irregular oral hygiene habits can allow room for plaque to develop and lead to odor and decay.

Patients dealing with salivary gland issues or other medical conditions can deal with the discomfort of dry mouth. In addition to the inconvenience, dry mouth contributes to bad breath. Certain medications can cause decreased saliva production as a side effect, and bad breath as a result of this. 

In addition to excruciating pain, oral infections can cause bad breath in some patients. Surgical wounds or resulting sores can start to drain and emit a foul odor as they progress or heal. 

Bad breath is a symptom of a wide variety of medical conditions. For example, tonsil stones, metabolic disorders, cancers, chronic nasal inflammation and acid reflux disease can all give off distinct smells in a patient’s breath. 

What Can I Do at Home to Treat or Prevent Bad Breath?

Need to know how to get rid of bad breath? When you take a proactive approach to oral hygiene, you can avoid the frustration that comes with that. You can prevent mouth odor by both brushing and flossing consistently, especially immediately after eating certain foods. It is also helpful to use antiseptic mouthwash regularly for additional cleaning and deodorizing properties. If necessary, then your dentist can recommend the best toothpaste for bad breath, dental flosses, or rinses to use at home, depending on your specific condition.

Brushing the tongue thoroughly is essential in preventing bad breath. The correct sequence involves brushing the tongue from back to front, rinsing thoroughly, and repeating. 

At the Dentist’s Office 

Overall, patients can eliminate bad breath by keeping a consistent oral hygiene routine. An integral part of a consistent oral hygiene routine is regular visits to your dentist’s office. Be sure to reach out to your dentist immediately if you have been unsuccessful at treating this at home for a significant amount of time.

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