Preventing Cavities With Dental Sealants

Young, developing teeth are some of the most vulnerable to the formation of tooth decay. Dental sealants can stop damage from starting. 

What Are Dental Sealants? What Are the Benefits of Dental Sealants?

Even healthy teeth have small pits and grooves that can allow cavities to develop. The rough and uneven surface of a tooth can leave room for germs and food to lodge, sit and result in a cavity. For this reason, dentists recommend that children receive dental sealants. These are thin plastic coatings that fill the natural grooves and pits of teeth and prevent decay.

Significantly, sealing a patient’s teeth before a cavity forms is less expensive than filling a damaged tooth. Overall, dental sealants can both help children avoid the discomfort of the development of cavities, and help families save on treatment costs in the long run. 

Dental sealants can often offer protection to patients with existing cavities or tooth decay. In cases of early damage, a clear sealant can allow a dentist to monitor for the spread of any decay. 

Why Are Dental Sealants Necessary? What Should Patients Do to Maintain the Protection of Dental Sealants? 

Between the ages of 6 to 14 years, children are at their most vulnerable to cavities. For this reason, children should receive dental sealants on their adult molars once they come in. A sealant will protect a child’s teeth before decay has an opportunity to develop. However, a sealant can only provide protection in combination with regular brushing and flossing, drinking fluoridated water and regular dental cleanings. Patients can also avoid sugary and acidic drinks and frequent consumption of snacks to avoid cavities. 

The Dental Sealants Procedure | The General Process and the Typical Results

In most cases, a dentist can seal a patient’s teeth within only a few minutes. First, the dentist will clean each tooth that will undergo sealing. Next, he or she will dry those teeth and put absorbent material around each of them to ensure they stay dry. 

Then, the dentist will apply an acidic solution to roughen the chewing surfaces of the teeth and accommodate the sealant. After rinsing and drying, the dentist will finally apply the sealant to the enamel, where it bonds and hardens. 

The application of a sealant is painless. However, a patient can feel the sealant with his or her tongue for a few days after the procedure. 

Dental sealants often last for 10 years or more. However, if chipping of the sealant occurs over time, then a patient can easily see his or her dentist for a replacement. 

It is important to remember that every patient’s condition is different. For example, a dentist will often give a patient-specific dietary restriction following the application of a dental sealant. Some patients can even receive dental sealants through dental insurance coverage while others are unable. 

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