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Could removable bridges restore your smile? Reach out to Dr. Marino & Associates and Dr. Nassif & Associates today. 

What is a Removable Bridge? 

A removable bridge, or a partial denture, replaces missing teeth and the surrounding tissue. This type of bridge consists of a set amount of artificial teeth connected to a resin-based gum tissue replacement piece. Significantly, removable bridges often provide a solution for patients missing only a few teeth. 

Customizing Removable Bridges and Ensuring a Correct Fit

Technicians customize removable bridges and other dentures to replicate the look of a patient’s natural teeth. Overall, the customization process usually requires five dental appointments over the course of about one month. 

First, a dentist will evaluate a patient’s condition. Next, the dentist will take a wax bite and an impression of the patient’s mouth to confirm both vertical dimensions and correct jaw placement. Then, a patient will be able to “try on” a temporary appliance to evaluate the look, feel, and fit. Finally, the patient will receive his or her final removable bridge. 

When dentures fit correctly, a denture adhesive can offer additional retention. However, adhesives cannot supplement improperly fitting dentures. When a denture does not fit, a patient can experience long-term irritation and develop sores. 

Ill-fitting dentures require replacement or a realignment. If you notice problems with the feel or the fit of your dentures, then reach out to your dentist as soon as possible. 

Getting Comfortable With Your Removable Tooth Bridge

Without a doubt, getting used to a new removable dental bridge is a major adjustment. While the removable bridge may feel awkward in your mouth for the first few weeks following placement, you will begin to feel more at ease once you get a feel for inserting and removing the denture. 

You can make the adjustment as easy as possible by sticking to soft foods to minimize both pain and irritation. Sticky or hard foods can irritate your tissue and slow down your transition process. Be sure to chew with both sides of your mouth to maintain even pressure.

Denture Adjustments

If you experience any breaking, cracking, or chipping of your partial denture, then reach out to your dentist immediately. A dentist can often make same-day repairs. However, complicated instances of damage may require sending your bridge to laboratory technicians for servicing. 

About Dr. Marino & Associates and Dr. Nassif & Associates

The dentists from Dr. Marino & Associates and Dr. Nassif & Associates commit to the health of every patient. Patients from all over the Northeast Ohio community count on the team for quality care. If you have hesitated to seek dental care in the past and are ready to take control of your health, then reach out to Dr. Marino & Associates and Dr. Nassif & Associates today. 

Patients count on the dedicated dentists from Dr. Marino & Associates and Dr. Nassif & Associates for both premier dental care and leading cosmetic treatments. To list, the team offers removable bridges, routine dental check-ups, dental implants, orthodontic treatments, teeth whitening, crowns and more. 

Are you ready to transform your smile and team up with Dr. Marino & Associates and Dr. Nassif & Associates team? To confirm your first dental appointment, simply book online or connect with Dr. Marino & Associates and Dr. Nassif & Associates team by calling (888) 315-9091.



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