Could Amalgam Fillings Be Right For You?

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What Are Amalgam Fillings?

Dental fillings restore decayed teeth to both healthy function and integrity. In fact, dentists use various materials to fill teeth, including amalgam. What is amalgam filling material? Dental amalgam fillings consist of elemental mercury, silver, tin, copper and sometimes a combination of other metals. 

Is Dental Amalgam Safe? 

Like any medical or dental procedure, receiving an amalgam filling has both its own benefits and its own risks. For example, these fillings are notable for their durability and affordability. 

However, amalgam does release low levels of elemental mercury vapor that patients can inhale and absorb into their lungs. Significantly, the levels of mercury in these fillings are not high enough to pose serious health risks in the general population, according to the FDA. However, some people may be more sensitive to mercury and other metals than others. It is also important to remember that there are still no conclusive data to indicate how amalgam fillings in pregnant women could impact developing fetuses. 

Significantly, some patients do deal with sensitivities to the other metals in amalgam fillings. For this reason, you should discuss any allergies with your dentist before undergoing any dental filling placement. 

Amalgam Fillings vs Composite

Some patients hesitate to opt for amalgam fillings because of their noticeable appearance. For this reason, some patients will receive composite fillings as an alternative to metal-based options. Mixtures of glass, quartz, and other materials make up these fillings and offer a more subtle look than amalgam fillings. However, it is important to consider that a composite option may require replacement within five to seven years following placement, while an amalgam filling can last much longer.

Researchers have concluded that modern metal-based dental fillings are safe and do not pose risks of mercury poisoning. However, some patients do want to minimize their exposure to different types of mercury. 

In fact, some patients do consider having their dentists remove existing amalgam fillings, but experts assert while removal poses no risk, it does expose the patient to additional mercury vapors. Overall, the research shows there is no significant health benefit to replacing existing amalgam fillings with composite fillings. 

Choosing the Best Option For You

In most cases, it takes a dentist more time to place a composite filling than to place an amalgam filling. However, the time of placement procedure does vary by patient.

It is critical to remember that no two conditions of tooth decay are the same. Your dentist will be able to help you weigh both the benefits and the risks of any filling option. He or she will account for both the size and the location of your cavity, your dental history, cosmetic factors, insurance and your out-of-pocket cost. 

For the most cost-effective results, you should reach out to your insurance company to confirm the acceptance of your plan before going forward with either composite fillings front teeth or amalgam fillings

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