Root Canal Therapy | The Key Facts

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What is Root Canal Therapy? 

Root canal therapy is an endodontic procedure and refers to the replacement of a tooth’s infected pulp with an artificial filling material. An endodontist, or a physician who specializes in the treatment of the dental pulp, performs root canal therapy procedures.

A root canal therapy procedure both relieves pain and prevents further infection. The root canal is the cavity within a tooth that contains both the tooth’s pulp and nerve. If you leave an infected tooth untreated, then dental abscesses can develop and worsen and leave you vulnerable to serious inflammation or infection. 

Every patient’s situation is different. Only your dentist or endodontist will be able to determine the ideal course of action for you. Before committing to a root canal treatment or other endodontic treatment, be sure to confirm the acceptance of your dental insurance.

The typical root canal procedure begins with an X-ray to determine canal shape and state of infection. Next, an endodontist will numb the affected area. Then, the endodontist will apply a rubber sheet to keep the area free from saliva. 

The endodontist will then drill an access hole into the tooth and remove the affected pulp, scrape the canals and remove any debris. Finally, the endodontist will seal the area with temporary filling material, either the same day or about a week following the initial procedure, and place a crown. 

Reasons for Root Canal Therapy

Some causes of pulp damage can include severe tooth decay, the impact of repeated dental procedures, cracking or chipping of a tooth or facial trauma. Along with the development of dental abscesses, patients dealing with dental pulp damage can experience bone loss at the root, swelling and drainage issues. 

Root Canal Therapy Symptoms

Many patients have compared the pain following a root canal procedure to that of a filling placement. Overall, patients can minimize pain following root canal therapy by using over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. You can further ease the healing process by avoiding chewing with the repaired tooth and keeping your entire mouth clean. Maintaining consistent and thorough oral hygiene is essential while recovering from root canal therapy. 

The recovery process is different for each patient. For this reason, it is critical to comply with your endodontist’s recovery instructions to both minimize pain and prevent infection. If you experience severe pain following your procedure, then reach out to your endodontist or dentist as soon as possible. 

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