Relieving Pain After A Tooth Extraction

It’s easy to feel nervous when anticipating tooth extraction pain. However, the recovery tends to be quick and easy, with proper pain management. 

Relieving Tooth Extraction Pain for an Easy Recovery

Sometimes, the anticipation of tooth extraction pain is worse than the procedure itself. Recovering from a tooth extraction does not need to be a long, painful process. If you are consistent with pain management and rest plan, then you can get back to your daily routine before you know it. Overall, the key to an easy tooth extraction recovery is consistency.

How Long Does Pain Last After Tooth Extraction? 

A typical tooth extraction healing process can take between one and two weeks. On the other hand, the pain of a tooth extraction typically fades in the 24 to 72 hours following the surgery. When patients develop infections, pain can be severe and can last longer than the first few days following surgery. It is important to remember that every case is different and each individual heals in a different way. 

Your dentist will be able to guide you through the ideal plan of action to deal with pain after tooth extraction. Be mindful to communicate consistently with your dentist as necessary to prevent infection and to keep the healing process fast and easy. 

Tooth Extraction Pain Relief Tips 

Patients can manage tooth extraction pain quickly and safely through over-the-counter pain medications, for example. Both acetaminophen and ibuprofen relieve post-extraction pain effectively. However, it is critical to ask your dentist if these or similar medications are safe for your particular condition. 

Sticking to soft foods can prevent irritation of the mouth as it heals and can help a patient keep pain to a minimum. Debris from crunchy or other foods can easily lodge in gum tissue and cause irritation, pain, and infection. 

If your dentist prescribes any painkillers or antibiotics to you, then be consistent with all dosages. Be sure to read all medication labels carefully. Your dentist will advise regarding any necessary changes. 

Applying ice packs to the face is another effective pain relief method. To avoid skin irritation when using ice packs, alternate between keeping a pack on for 20 minutes and off for 20 minutes.

If you experience severe dental pain as you recover, then reach out to your dentist or oral surgeon immediately. It is critical to be mindful of the effectiveness of any over-the-counter medication you take during recovery. You can prevent possibly fatal infection if you reach out immediately when experiencing severe pain. 

Avoiding Dry Socket

Following a tooth extraction, a blood clot forms in the tooth socket to protect the bone and nerves in that spot. However, drinking with a straw, smoking, and practicing poor oral hygiene, for example, can dislodge the blood clot during an extraction recovery. Dry socket refers to the dislodging of a clot following the extraction and can be dangerous. The condition can cause excruciating pain and can leave a patient vulnerable to serious infection. 

Patients can avoid dry socket by not rinsing excessively, drinking all beverages without straws, and staying consistent with all medication plans. Patients who suspect there are issues with their clotting should reach out for emergency care immediately before an infection has a chance to develop. 

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