The Value of Teeth Implants | How Do Dental Implants Work?

Teeth implants are false tooth roots that can replace broken, missing, or decayed teeth with a permanent option. Permanent teeth implants look and feel completely natural and give you back your confidence while talking, smiling, and eating. Teeth implants are more effective than dentures or bridges because they are a long-term solution for those with chronic dental problems. Teeth implants are also more effective because they behave and feel like natural teeth, so you can feel confident in everyday tasks like chewing and smiling.

So, what makes teeth implants feel comfortable and natural? Doctors use a titanium implant fixture that fuses with the bone cells of your jaw over time. The fusion creates a strong and long-lasting bond between your new tooth and jaw bone. Where dentures typically shift and slip, implants do not. Teeth implants mean no more problems while eating, no more unexpected repairs, and no more hiding behind your smile.

Most teeth implants consist of three parts: the implant, abutment, and crown.

Implant: Teeth implants are the pieces of hardware that screw into your jaw bone to form a strong connection between the crown and your jaw.
Abutment: The permanent connector between the implant and crown. Although permanent, this can be removed by your doctor if needed.
Crown: The artificial tooth that is visible and connected to the implant. Many crowns are made of zirconium or porcelain for their long-lasting appearance and durability.

With the rise in popularity of teeth implants for tooth replacement solutions, Dr. Marino & Associates and Dr. Nassif & Associates are Northeast Ohio’s leading providers of teeth implants. Our team of experts provides the highest quality and most technologically advanced dental care to all of our patients.

With over 7,000 happy patients, it’s clear why so many people choose Marino/Nassif for their teeth implants and overall dental care. So what kind of teeth implant treatments do we offer?

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*exclusions apply – offer expires 2/28/23. Cannot be combined with Dental Insurance Coverage.

Single Dental Implant

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If you have lost a single tooth due to an injury or decay, a single implant will quickly restore your smile and confidence. A single implant preserves the integrity of the adjacent teeth while preventing additional bone loss. Teeth implants, single or multiple, do not decay over time and can be kept clean much easier. Our single dental implant starts at $2,099*, despite competitors’ costs of up to $4,500.

Secure Upper Denture

secure upper denture diagram

Many typical upper dentures become less stable and more painful over time. Dentures shift while you eat and talk, and make it difficult to enjoy food. A secure denture implant is the best replacement option and only requires 4 teeth implants for just $4,499. This modified denture procedure exposes the roof of your mouth to make food more enjoyable and improve your confidence.

Secure Lower Denture

teeth implants near me

Just like our secure upper denture, the secure lower denture restores your smile and provides support for your normal facial contour. Lower dentures can be extremely hard to keep in place. Their horseshoe shape and space needed for the tongue make it difficult to keep them stable. With just two teeth implants, a secure lower denture can be added for additional stability that feels like your natural teeth for only $2,299*.

*exclusions apply

About Marino/Nassif | Affordable Insurance and Billing For Teeth Implants

Another great benefit of our office is our own discount dental plan, Dental Direct. Members enrolled in our plan can receive dental treatment at any of our locations, with no maximum limit on benefits. Your annual membership premium is almost entirely paid off after just one cleaning or exam. Check out the benefits and savings below to find out how Dental Direct can work for you.

  • Pay a discounted rate every time you visit one of our locations to save 15-55% on services
  • Invest in an affordable alternative to dental insurance
  • No monthly premium
  • Discounted fee schedule, no deductible
  • No yearly maximum
  • Dental Direct Individual Plan: $125/yr
  • Dental Direct Family Plan: $199yr (limited to 4 members or add an additional family member for $50/yr)

Maintaining affordable prices on teeth implants for our patients is one of the main reasons we’re the largest provider of teeth implants in Northeast Ohio. Not only do we have affordable prices, but our doctors have been voted the best dentists in the Cleveland-Akron area for 5 years in a row!

Our 7,000+ patients can tell you why we’re the best choice in this area. If you’re ready to save money on your teeth implants, contact us today to set up an appointment for a free consultation.

*exclusions apply – offer expires 2/28/23. Cannot be combined with Dental Insurance Coverage.



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