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permanent lower low-cost denturesDentures that do not fit well are not only frustrating and uncomfortable, but can have an impact on your social life and keep you from enjoying your favorite foods. Why put up with ill-fitting dentures?

Perhaps your first search for “low-cost dentures near me” gave you dentures that didn’t fit ideally, or perhaps your dentures once fit well, but grew loose over time. Maybe your mouth has changed and shifted, or maybe you weren’t satisfied with your first round of receiving. Regardless, there is a solution to increase security.

Here at Marino/Nassif, our team of dentists and oral surgeons can use 2-4 dental implants to secure upper and lower dentures. The implants act as screws into your jawbone and permanently secure your set of low-cost dentures. That way, there’s no chance of the dentures shifting and rubbing against your gums, causing discomfort. If you want to secure your dentures for the long-term, dental implants might be the best option for you.

Discover why we’ve been voted

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Discover why we’ve been voted

Beacon’s #1 Dentist

6 years in a row.

Deluxe Dentures

When patients require dental restoration from missing or failing teeth, low-cost dentures can restore a beautiful, healthy smile.

Dentures can replace all of the teeth in your upper jaw, lower jaw or both. Our dentists can design partial dentures to replace just a few teeth. For a more permanent solution,  we offer denture dental implants.

Dentures are typically ready in a few weeks after extractions and often on the same day as extraction from our exclusive onsite dental lab. However, only a dentist will be able to determine the ideal course of action for a patient.

Take advantage of low-cost denture pricing, typically a $1,800 value, you pay just $999 for both upper and lower dentures. Exclusions apply. To learn more about pricing options, reach out to Dr. Marino & Associates and Dr. Nassif & Associates team today.

A complete denture refers to the replacement of all the teeth in a dental arch. It can be inserted either of two ways. It can be inserted some weeks after the extraction sites and other surgical procedures have had a chance to heal, or as an “immediate” denture placed the same day the last remaining teeth are extracted. Although an immediate denture offers the advantage of not having to go without teeth for any length of time, it can require multiple adjustments as the tissues remodel and heal following dental extractions or other surgical procedures.

In situations where some sturdy teeth remain, partial dentures can be fabricated. Partial dentures can achieve adequate retention and stability by having clasps on the teeth surrounding the edentulous areas.

In some cases, added stability for the dentures can be provided by strategically placed implants.

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What Types of Dentures Do I Need? | Seeking Low-Cost Dentures Near Me

If you need low-cost dentures near me but are not sure what type, it helps to understand the different options available. It’s a misconception that the only type of denture replacement is a full set, which requires extraction of all upper and lower teeth.

Full Dentures

If you have a severe or all-consuming problem with your teeth such as disease, genetic disorders, or an accident, you will need a full set of low-cost dentures. This will require you to undergo a procedure where a surgeon extracts all of your teeth in the upper and lower jaw to prepare your mouth for your new set of dentures.

Sometimes, this complete denture arch is inserted the same day that your teeth are removed. Patients see this as a convenient option because they don’t have to adjust their lifestyle for any length of time living without teeth. This is often advertised as “same day dentures near me.” However, if your low-cost dentures are inserted immediately, they are far more likely to need adjustments. That’s because this immediate insertion doesn’t allot time for your mouth and gum tissue to heal.

The other option for receiving a full set of permanent dentures is to have all teeth extracted, and then wait some weeks for healing before the dentures are placed. Because a full mouth extraction is a significant surgical procedure, this waiting period gives your body time to fully recover, and then receive your set of low-cost dentures.

Whatever option you choose, you can trust that full mouth low-cost dentures are a great tooth replacement solution. This transformation will restore confidence in your smile, and make every day activities like eating, chewing, and talking much easier. If you are considering a full mouth of permanent dentures, the team at Marino/Nassif can answer any questions you may have.

Partial Dentures

So what if all the teeth in your mouth don’t need to be replaced? In cases like these, partial dentures may be the proper solution. Partial dentures are usually removable dentures that have artificial teeth attached to a base plate. This solution works well because there are clasps on the teeth surrounding the edentulous areas, which means the partial dentures can find stability by fitting into the jaw bone structure.

Partial dentures will look different depending on the number of missing teeth, and the size and shape of the mouth. If you have a specific area of your mouth that needs teeth replaced, this is a great option. Marino/Nassif can provide low-cost dentures near me to help restore your smile.

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Care and Upkeep of Removable Dentures

removable denturesOnce you receive your new set of low-cost dentures, you’ll want to maintain a consistent cleaning regimen to keep your smile in the best shape possible.

The good news is that dentures are easy to care for. If you’ve been amazed by your before and after dentures transformation, there’s no reason you can’t maintain that same bright, fresh smile for years. A large part of caring for your removable dentures is to clean them after eating. Run water over the low-cost dentures near me to remove food and loose particles. Do this in a safe and stable place, so you don’t risk breaking your dentures if they accidentally drop.

Remember to also clean your mouth after removing your low-cost dentures. You can do so using a soft-bristled toothbrush around your cheeks, tongue, and mouth palate. In addition to brushing your mouth, soak and brush your dentures daily. If your dentures use an adhesive, remove the excess adhesive residue. Most dentures need to stay moist in order to retain their shape, so soak them in water or a denture-soaking solution overnight. Check with your dentist before you do so, just in case there are special instructions on what cleaning solution(s) you can use on your low-cost dentures near me.

Other common care practices for dentures include avoiding bleach-containing products. If this product comes into contact with your dentures, it could tarnish and corrode the metal. It’s also best to avoid boiling water that could warm and misshape your dentures. As always, if you have questions about caring for your low-cost dentures near me, it’s best to talk with your dentist.

Whether from disease, malnutrition, genetic disorders or an accident, it is occasionally necessary for patients to have some or all their upper and lower teeth extracted. While this can be upsetting news, partial or full dentures can be fabricated to restore an attractive smile, provide needed support for normal facial contours, and reestablish a highly functional occlusion.

A denture consists of natural looking artificial teeth set in a supportive base. It may be fabricated to replace either a small group of teeth, an entire upper arch, an entire lower arch, or used to restore both dental arches.

What about Permanent Dentures?

If you have permanent dentures that aren’t removed after eating or before bed, then it’s best to follow the regular protocols that you would with natural teeth. Brush twice a day, and floss once a day. Remember also to schedule regular checkups with your dentist. If you visit twice per year for cleanings, your dentist can catch any issues before they progress and get you on a path toward healing.

With the right care and cleaning schedule, your permanent dentures will last for years.

How Much Do Dentures Cost? | Breaking Down The Payment

Whenever you prepare to receive a large procedure like dentures near me, the question of “How much do dentures cost?” is a major factor. After all, insurance plans vastly differ, and if you don’t have access to a comprehensive healthcare plan, that may deter you from receiving dentures.

The good news is that the offices at Marino/Nassif strive to provide a range of payment plans and options for low-cost dentures near me. Our deluxe dentures start at $999. Our dental implant procedure that secures upper dentures starts at $4,499. This procedure uses four implants to stabilize your upper denture. Our secure lower denture procedure uses two implants to support the lower denture, and this service starts at $2,299. When it comes to payment plans that mitigate the dentures cost, we have plenty of options for all of our patients.

Payment Plans for Dentures Cost

As mentioned, health insurance coverage varies widely for dental procedures. The most reliable way to gauge “how much do dentures cost?” is to first talk to your insurance provider.

Here at Marino/Nassif, we accept most private insurances including Medical Mutual of Ohio, United Healthcare, Humana Dental PPO, and many more. We do not accept any “Marketplace” plans. We do accept several Medicare plans and government insurance plans.

When it comes to denture coverage under Medicare, it’s important to note that most Medicare plans do not have comprehensive dental coverage, whether it’s for fillings, extractions, dentures, or other procedures. Medicare Advantage plans may include expanded dental benefits, but talk to a Medicare advisor to get a professional opinion.

affordable dentures

We strive to offer low-cost dentures near me to all of our patients, which is why our offices accept several payment plans. These plans allow for patients to pay off procedures at a pace that works for them, so the dentures cost isn’t foreboding and overwhelming. We accept CareCredit, the nation’s leading patient payment program. CareCredit lets you finance 100% of your dental care. There are no upfront costs, no prepayment penalties, and no annual fees. This plan allows you to begin a treatment plan today with a 12-month payment plan and no interest. This is a great way to mitigate the cost of low-cost dentures near me.

In addition to CareCredit, we also have our own exclusive discount dental plan, Dental Direct. Dental Direct is a way for Marino/Nassif patients to receive treatment at any of our affiliated locations, with no maximum on benefits. Enrolled members pay an annual membership fee, which is virtually paid for after one cleaning, exam, and X-rays. Plus, there’s no yearly max and no monthly premium. If you’re interested in learning more about Dental Direct, talk to our office today.

We are pleased to accommodate our patients and offer low-cost dentures near me. We believe everyone deserves access to a smile they can feel confident in.

Why Choose Marino/ Nassif for Low-Cost Dentures Near Me?

When it comes to investing in low-cost dentures near me, you want to choose a provider who will give you the best care, honest pricing, and dental support when you need it. Here at Marino/Nassif, we have helped thousands of patients throughout Northeast Ohio receive and maintain smiles they can feel confident in.

Not only is our care outstanding, but we also strive to make the dentures cost accessible to everyone. We understand that Medicare and Medicaid plans are complicated. We also understand that not every patient has the expendable resources needed to pay for dentures up front. That’s why we accept a range of payment options and plans to accommodate everyone.

If you’re looking for a provider of low-cost dentures near me to transform your smile, and provide outstanding care, give us a call today.

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