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I love the staff here! I can’t find myself at another dentist office! They are great!

At Easton dental my family was treated with the best care and services. We were totally satisfied with the services that we received and thanks them for making us feel comfortable throughout our visit

Dr. Joseph Walker works well with children. My daughter is 16 yrs old she
had (4) wisdom teeth removed at one time. She was nervous and extremely sensitive to pain. Dr. Walker was attentive, patient and kind with her.

This was one of the best visits to the dentist I have ever had. I went in to get my wisdom teeth pulled and I was extremely nervous and very scared. I had Dr. Walker as my dentist and he was extremely comforting. My family and I will continue to go to him for as long as he is there. I was having a panic attack and he helped me calmn down immediately. The dentist was the last place I thought I would learn some amazing life lessons and useful ways to cope with fear. Thank you Dr. Walker! Your the Best!

This place is wonderful! I had so much dental work done. Fillings, root canal, crowns, partials, 3 impacted wisdom teeth extractions (other extractions also), and partials! The staff is very friendly and concerned. They helped me overcome my fear of going to the dentist. I would highly recommend to anyone searching for a professional and caring dentist.

Wonderful experience very friendly staff the dentist he was very nice highly recommend

I usually hate dentist. He was totlly awsome and was one of the few dentists that would stop if I felt pain while doing corrections. I am somewhat resistant to the nbing agents used. He actually put a note in my chart so I don’t have to worry about feeling pain halfway through the procedure. Also has a great sense of humor and took the time to make me comfortable.

Dr. Chung was awesome. He fixed my molar (root canal) and crowned it in the same day. Very nice, a man of few words but he’s compassionate and a wonderful dentist. Customer for life. The hygienist was amazing too, walking me through every step. The Doctor numbed me painlessly, I was so scared about that big needle but in the end, no pain, professional work and a FANTASTIC experience. The staff were outstanding. Cannot give enough thanks to ALL of these people.

I had to write this review for this office as it was a life saver literally for me.
I had been having complications after a routine procedure done by another dental practice. I had seen two other dentist in the 6 months who were of no help to me in figuring out what turned out to be a fairly simple problem. I contacted this dental office in miserable pain, and loss of all hope for any help. They got me in within a day, and fixed my problem right away. As I said I visited other dental offices previously, who all were not helpful, rude, and no compasion. This office was totally a different experience for me. All the staff was very pleasant, friendly, helpful, and most of all compassionate. The dentist was extremely professional and very knowledgeable, and sensitive with me as I was a ball of anxiety and fear. They were all a true God send. THANK YOU STATE VALLEY DENTAL! I FINALLY FEEL GOOD AGAIN!

Good angels saving lives a true wonderful experience good to know there are good people out there that know kindness compassion and the value of life.